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Lyon College is a nationally ranked, prestigious liberal arts college based in Batesville, Arkansas. Lyon College was witnessing an increase in tuition discounting and a drop in tuition revenue.

Issues & Concerns

  • Inconsistent new student enrollment results.
  • YoY decrease in new student Net Tuition Revenue (NTR).
  • YoY increase in tuition discount rate (%).
  • Ongoing retention concern, 1st to 3rd semester & on-time graduation rate.
  • Ineffective net price calculator (NPC) and early awarding cycle.
  • Inconsistent awarding program & matrix.

Approach & Process

  • Compile legacy student data collaboratively with Admission and Institutional Research.
  • Appropriate, cleanse, and aggregate data for analysis.
  • Create a master database run descriptive analytics and discuss findings with the business.
  • Develop and review modeling for Admission, Financial Aid decisions.
  • Develop Student Success Index (SSI) for a period in time recommendations.
  • Report & execute period in time recommendations.

Virtue Benefits

  • Heightened efficiency in budgeting and targeting the right student with demonstrated ROI.
  • Positive impact on Admission decisions supporting retention.
  • Establish price points to optimize financial aid awards to selected cohorts.
  • Weekly refresh and updates of SSI.
  • Implementation of student rating for retention purposes.
  • Development of strategic NPC for early awarding and inquiry development.
  • A collaborative approach to enrollment health.

Results & Updates

  • Fall new student enrollment increase 9.2%.
  • Net tuition revenue increase of around $1,100 per enrolled student.
  • Tuition discount reduced by 3.2%.
  • SSI implemented and overlaid inquiry pool through admitted.
  • Awarding program implemented minimizing over rewarding.
  • NPC constructed for fall implementation based on Lyon perimeters

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