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Strategic Enrollment Management Services for higher education
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Student Enrollment Management Services higher education

Strategic Enrollment Management Services

We are a locally and nationally recognized firm operating at the intersection of data science and management consulting.

End2End Partnership. Virtue Analytics brings passion, advanced analytics & predictive modeling, along with invaluable relationships across enrollment management services to deliver extraordinary results for our clients.


Key Features

Virtue Analytics is a student retention management, enrollment management consulting service, and product solution provider for the education industry. The Virtue Analytics Student Enrollment Management Services provides individualized student recommendations across the continuum of a students journey at an institution. Each module of the platform is focused on delivering value to the client institution, scoring student inquiries, assessing candidate applications, recommending admissions, optimizing fund allocations, forecasting deposits, and enrollment, impacting student retention, and computing the lifetime value of each student


Built with the student, family, and administration in mind. Easy to use, providing valuable information within seconds.


Transparent and powerful analytics in your hands, laser-focused at the student level not aggregated buckets and bands.


Clear recommendations and insights that deliver results on all fronts, greater application counts, optimized aid, increased enrollment, and higher retention and graduation.


Virtue is working to support the institution and the student throughout the journey from Inquiry to Graduation


Maximizes conversion and reduces student acquisition cost.


Improves student/institution fit, driving down cost and decision time.


Maximizes conversion and reduces
student acquisition cost.


Reduces overfunding & underfunding and improves net tuition revenue.


Enables on-time student program completion/ graduation.


Define LTV for each student.


Engage Candidates

Ensure higher applicant conversion using our student-facing solutions including an SAI Calculator, Scholarship Estimator & Intelligent NPC.

Increase Enrollment Yield

Gain student-specific insights and recommendations to take targeted action steps and secure a robust incoming cohort. Why rely on gravity when you have advanced analytics in your toolbox.

Enhance Retention

Support your students throughout their journey with proactive and meaningful recommendations driving improved retention and on-time graduation.

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Clear recommendations that deliver results on all fronts, improve enrollment counts and NTR.
This is what our clients have to say about us
Jon F (CEO)
Jon F (CEO)
Sports Education
"Virtue Analytics tackled our difficult problem of understanding our current and future markets. They brought forth an extremely high quality of analysis and helped us achieve our goals with network modeling. They are a top-tier startup boutique consulting company and work with utmost sincerity and client dedication. We found them to be a team of hard-working, intelligent professionals, who went above and beyond on every aspect of the project. I will strongly recommend Virtue Analytics to other companies."
Dan M (VP, Enrollment Management)
Dan M (VP, Enrollment Management)
Higher Education (4 year Undergrad)
"I am appreciative of Virtue Analytics for the exceptional job analysing and uncovering keen insights from a merit and need perspective that will influence our applicant review and decision-making process. The university and I are extremely grateful for the team’s analytics and modelling, we got more back from your analysis than we originally contracted for!"
Andrew E (Director IR)
Andrew E (Director IR)
Higher Education (4 Year - Undergrad)
"The leadership and team of data scientists at Virtue have been tremendous to work with from kickoff call to product delivery. They are innately curious, abundantly competent, and invariably cheerful. Their work has given us confidence in our own decision-making and revealed areas of necessary improvement. In large part due to their work, we’ve been able to increase our average net tuition revenue 11% over last year.."

Awards & Recognition

Recently recognized as one of the most promising and scalable analytics and technology start-ups in the state of Minnesota, USA.

Virtue Analytics Strategic Enrollment Management Services

We, Virtue Analytics, utilize the power of data and help universities through our strategic enrollment management (SEM) services to maintain the enrollment count under the financial constraints set by university management. Our unique offering helps the student counselors and enrollment managers to identify legitimate inquiries and set priorities for student counselors to make them apply for the university. Leveraging a rich pool of eligible applicants, our application uses machine learning and AI to project optimal grant amounts catering to the merit and need of the students. Our experience with private institutions shows that data-driven financial aid leads to an improved enrollment yield.

Our experience in the domain shows that a timely intervention can reduce student drop-outs. Reducing drop-out rates can not only help the university to maintain its financial health, but it also boosts the overall degree completion rates that have a multi-faceted benefit in student ranking. Our retention model identifies the drop-outs in time and provides an opportunity for intervention to the university counselors.
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What is Strategic Enrollment Management?

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is a critical component of a university's or college's growth strategy, as it relates to both academic expansion and facility requirements.

SEM is a student success model that focuses on achieving student success throughout their entire life cycle with an institution while enhancing enrollment yield and improving institutional Net Tuition Revenue. It has a holistic approach designed to facilitate an institution in achieving and maintaining ideal student recruitment, retention, and graduation rates.

Why does my organization need enrollment management planning?

With the right enrollment management planning, higher education can increase their qualified leads, applications, enrollment yield, and thus tuition revenue. SEM also helps in student retention and on-time graduation.

Why should we choose Virtue Analytics Strategic Enrollment Management Services?

Virtue Analytics has a suite of AI-based Strategic Enrollment Management products ranging from Inquiry to Graduation. Each module of the platform is focused on delivering value to the client institution, scoring student inquiries, assessing candidate applications, recommending admissions, optimizing fund allocations, forecasting deposits, and enrollment, impacting student retention, and computing the lifetime value of each student. Virtue’s SEM services can help your institution to engage more candidates, Increase Enrollment yield, and enhance retention and on-time graduation rate

How much time does it take to set up Virtue’s SEM services? Are there any pre-requisites?

Virtue’s SEM services are based on the cloud and each module can be easily integrated with your college website. No, there are no prerequisites needed.

What is your policy for keeping the student data protected?

Virtue Analytics promises top-notch privacy protection to its clients and users. The data collected from the students are stored in disparate data silos and cannot be replicated or misused by any third party unlike the enrollment management products available elsewhere, which indulge in the misuse of the student’s data. Virtue stands for its professional ethics, which ensures the total security of its user's data.

Virtue complies with the Privacy Act of 1974 as well as the Federal Trade Commission Act which establishes a code of fair information practices that governs the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of information about individuals that is maintained in systems of records by federal agencies in the US.

Does every college get the same services for SEM consultancy?

No, the SEM consultancy is custom-made for each individual college based on their enrollment challenges and requirements.

What services or products we will get in the SEM services?

Virtue Analytics has a suite of AI-based Strategic Enrollment Management products ranging from Inquiry to Graduation.

Our SaaS product includes the following modules:

1. Inquiry: Improve leads and engagement - Scholarship Estimator, Net Price Calculator, Inquiry Assessment Report (IAR)
2. Application: Optimize application processing efforts -Virtue File Reader, Smart Forms, Counselor Report

3. Admission: Optimize financial grants based on need and merit -  Application to Deposit Report (ADR), Grant Assessment Report (GAR), Competitive Scorecard Report
4. Enrollment: Increase enrollment yield - Deposit Conversion Report

5. Retention and Graduation: improve retention rates with data-backed interventions - Student Life Time value