We serve Data Analytics Services to specific industries

In today’s digital world, data, analytics, and AI play a key role in transforming business operations, creating new business models, and unleashing process improvements. Virtue Analytics data, analytics, and AI services enable organizations to deliver value across the customers’ journey by empowering users with more agile and intuitive processes.

We serve Consumer Goods & Retail, Education, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Health care Service Providers, Hi-Tech, Hospitality, Travel & Leisure, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media & Advertising, Non- Profit, Pharmaceutical and Life Science, Professional Services, and Transportation & Logistics, and Warehousing. A few of our served industries are mentioned below:

higher education industry


Virtue Analytics Enrollment Management platform allows colleges and universities to leverage the power of machine learning and predictive modeling to make better decisions across the admissions process. Customized to the institution’s environment, Virtue provides student-specific recommendations related to admissions, financial aid & retention, enabling better outcomes for the student and delivering increased revenue to the institution.

We have a suite of products – NPC, Scholarship Estimator, Smart Forms, Virtue File Reader, Grant Optimization, Inquiry Assessor, Admission Recommender, Application Forecaster, Deposit Conversion, Multiple Scholarship Estimator and, more.


We use retail analytics techniques to optimize pricing, store layouts, supply chain movement, and improve customer loyalty. We help companies to understand the shopping habits of their consumers and how they can attract new customers. Retail Analytics enables companies to create custom recommendations based on their purchase history, resulting in personalized shopping experiences and improved customer service.

retail industry
Healthcare Industry

Health Care Service Providers

We help health care service providers understand the performance of marketing tactics using marketing mix modeling. Using analytics, we also help the healthcare marketers in interpreting large sets of data, translating them into actionable intelligence that can be used for improved real-world decision making.

Banking & Financial Services

We provide all kinds of advisory solutions to help banking/financial institutions analyze, develop, implement and maintain the models used for risk management, assessment, and financial reporting. 

Risk analytics solutions help financial institutions identify and respond to risk, meet regulatory requirements, and improve their risk analysis and management.

Banking & Financial Services
Insurance Industry


Virtue Analytics is dedicated to helping organizations harness the power of visual analytics to solve the complex problems and everyday decisions they face.

Insurance companies collect huge amounts of data. We at Virtue Analytics help to convert the collected data into valuable business insights. By introducing advanced insurance data analytics into Insurer’s systems, we help identify new growth opportunities while creating a better customer service experience.


Our experts are well-versed in the intricacies of large-scale manufacturing processes and data analytics. We’ve provided services that allow individuals of all skill levels to take a faster and more effective decision making, based on our extensive expertise in manufacturing and machine learning.

With a full self-service data analytics and machine learning platform, Virtue Analytics enables organizations to exploit operational data throughout the complete data lifecycle – from the shop floor to the top floor – for enhanced value and decreased risk.

Manufacturing Industry
Media & Advertising Industry

Media & Advertising

More content is being viewed, shared, and listened to by consumers today than ever before. They want instant and continuous access at little or no cost, tailored to their specific interests and available on a variety of technical devices (which are also constantly developing). Companies in the entertainment and media industries, who already gather massive amounts of data every minute from all areas of their businesses, now have access to this unprecedented level of consumer data.

From social media listening to predictive models to test advertising, pricing, and sales forecasting, data and analytics are assisting entertainment and media organizations in unlocking hidden insights in their data. Entertainment and media organizations can utilize this information to better understand and target their clients, improve the user experience, streamline their business processes, and develop new products and services to offer.

Consumer Product Goods

Our end-to-end analytics services provide data-based business decisions and high-performing execution. We help the CPG companies in understanding the market better and take decisions that can improve the brand value and increase sales. We provide services like predictive analytics, price and promotional analytics, marketing mix modeling, and assortment optimization (market basket analysis).

Consumer Product Goods Industry
Hospitality, Travel & Leisure Industry

Travel and Hospitality

People are travelling again, and the travel and hospitality sector has sprung into action to entice them back. The hotel industry is pushed to comprehend visitors in a new way, rethink marketing methods, and dial in cross-channel campaigns for optimal ROI, given the extended break, the shrinking size of the hospitality sector, and the public’s conflicting views about travelling.

Third-party data enrichment and predictive modelling are two effective strategies for addressing these issues and navigating the tourism industry’s tectonic shifts. Learn how these tools are being used by brands, destinations, and tourism bureaus to develop meaningful consumer insight and stay competitive in the post-COVID market.

Supply Chain & Logistics Analytics

The precision and efficiency with which a company manages its supply chain defines its success. The path from manufacturer to client in today’s increasingly interconnected world is often complicated and time-consuming. Demand forecasting, inventory planning, network analytics, and pricing analytics are just a few of the supply chain analytics services we offer to help businesses maximize efficiency, cut costs, and improve supply chain management.

Data analytics in the supply chain allows for better decision-making to improve front-line operations and strategic choices. Utilize our combined market research and data analytics knowledge to reduce inventory costs and improve demand sensing.

Supply Chain & Logistics Industry
Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Industry

Pharmaceutical and Life Science

Pharma businesses are scrambling to stay on top of today’s dynamic and rapidly changing competitive arena and improve their performance without increasing their overall cost of operations. The growth of novel technologies in the pharmaceutical sector, including artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and big data analytics, demands pharma companies to innovate quickly to obtain a competitive advantage and capitalize on market opportunities.

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