Competitor Scorecard Report

When you plan your enrollment strategies, it is essential to recognize the competitor’s tactics. And you can gain knowledge of your competitor’s strategies by conducting competitive research. It can be a rigorous and time taking process.  By using the Competitor Scorecard Report you can easily find out the gap in your scholarship offerings compared to your competitors.

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Competitive Scorecard Report Benefits

All critical information is at the fingertips of the admission and enrollment team.


Built around an easy-to-use interface that is simple to follow and can be completed within a couple of minutes.

Quick Access

Quick access to perform next steps and continue the engagement with the preferred schools via application buttons

Easy Comparison

Provides immediate access to side by side comparison of preferred institutions.

Guiding Tips

Multiple tooltips and helpful videos to support the user through the process

Intelligent Questions

Intelligent questions that dynamically change to provide the candidate with the most applicable and streamlined process

All in One Place

Gives concise visibility to institutional and Federal/ State awards all in a single view.

How to Start?

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2. Set Up the Platform
Customized platform based on your key metrics and fields.

3. Insights to your Goals
Get detailed result on scholarships and grants offered by your competitior
This is what our clients have to say about us
Jon F (CEO)
Jon F (CEO)
Sports Education
"Virtue Analytics tackled our difficult problem of understanding our current and future markets. They brought forth an extremely high quality of analysis and helped us achieve our goals with network modeling. They are a top-tier startup boutique consulting company and work with utmost sincerity and client dedication. We found them to be a team of hard-working, intelligent professionals, who went above and beyond on every aspect of the project. I will strongly recommend Virtue Analytics to other companies."
Dan M (VP, Enrollment Management)
Dan M (VP, Enrollment Management)
Higher Education (4 year Undergrad)
"I am appreciative of Virtue Analytics for the exceptional job analysing and uncovering keen insights from a merit and need perspective that will influence our applicant review and decision-making process. The university and I are extremely grateful for the team’s analytics and modelling, we got more back from your analysis than we originally contracted for!"
Andrew E (Director IR)
Andrew E (Director IR)
Higher Education (4 Year - Undergrad)
"The leadership and team of data scientists at Virtue have been tremendous to work with from kickoff call to product delivery. They are innately curious, abundantly competent, and invariably cheerful. Their work has given us confidence in our own decision-making and revealed areas of necessary improvement. In large part due to their work, we’ve been able to increase our average net tuition revenue 11% over last year.."
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