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A highly ranked technical institution in the North East, Capitol Technology University was focused on increasing yield and productivity from its resources and teams.

Issues & Concerns

  • Recruiting challenges in a competitive environment
  • Wide range of demographics for the originating inquiries
  • Limited capacity to pursue all inquiries appropriately
  • Fluctuating levels of grants/aid available to support incoming candidates
  • A large portion of aid published through academic merit grids
  • Outdated NPC

Approach & Process

  • Extract, cleanse, and compile historical enrollment data (past 7years)
  • Create consolidated master data for detailed descriptive analysis
  • Construct predictive models for each stage of enrollment funnel starting with Inquiry to Applicant conversion
  • Calculate Student Success Index (SSI) at an individual level to allow ranking of conversion candidates
  • Weekly analysis and calculation of candidate conversion likelihood within the Virtue platform
  • Deploy intelligent NPC to capture candidate activity at the top of the funnel

Virtue Benefits

  • Weekly automated Inquiry Assessment Report (IAR) with detailed insights on candidate pipeline from the Virtue platform, used by Admissions team to prioritize and focus recruitment and conversion efforts
  • Integrated platform with a live dashboard providing insights on NPC usage and candidate pipeline for current and upcoming academic years (highlighting areas of interest, financial profiles, gender and ethnicity breakdown, and more)
  • Increased efficiency through accessible dashboards and highlighted/compiled insights to enable faster review and decision making relative to the incoming class
  • Linking Inquiry to Application to Enrollment and through Graduation by way of SSI and lifetime value (LTV) of a candidate

Results & Updates

  • Decrease in time spent preparing and reviewing inquiry candidates and prioritization
  • Improved visibility to all stages of the enrollment funnel
  • Customized analysis and reporting to address pain points of the institution
  • Deployed Intelligent NPC for Undergraduate Freshmen Class

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