Improve Your Net Tuition Revenue and Enrollments

Virtue Analytics Enrollment Management platform allows Colleges and Universities to leverage the power of machine learning and predictive modeling to make better decisions across the admissions process. Customized to the institution’s environment, Virtue provides student-specific recommendations related to admissions, financial aid & retention, enabling better outcomes for the student and delivering increased revenue to the institution.

We have a suite of products at a promotional price – NPC, Scholarship Estimator, Smart Forms, Virtue File Reader, Grant Optimization, Inquiry Assessor, Admission Recommender, Application Forecaster, Deposit Conversion, Multiple Scholarship Estimator and, more.

Virtue is an end-to-end subscription-based AI platform, which helps educational institutions optimize their decisions across all key admissions processes in the student journey. Use our machine learning-based recommendation engine and grant optimizer to improve net tuition revenue (NTR) and student success.

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