Enrollment Management

How can Technology enhance your College Enrollment?

Introduction In today’s highly competitive era of higher education, universities and colleges in the US encounter several hurdles when it comes to attracting and enrolling students. Rising tuition costs, increased competition, and low retention rates are among the challenges that institutions must overcome. Fortunately, the advancement of technology has brought forth a wave of solutions […]

Marketing Mix Modeling

Analysis of Marketing Mix Modeling – Advantages and Disadvantages

Marketing is a key business function to help differentiate products and services in today’s competitive global market. Businesses spend a fortune and pay attention to their budget towards growing, building, and maintaining relationships with their customers. It is imperative for retailers, manufacturers, consumer goods, banks, hospitals, etc. to optimize their marketing spend. What is Marketing […]

Marketing Mix Modeling

What is multi-touchpoint attribution?

The complexity of marketing communications is increased by incorporating technology into business strategy, necessitating advanced analytics of marketing performance. There are gaps in the systematic description of the methods and explanation of their capabilities due to the rapid advancements in marketing attribution methods. Today’s buyer’s journey includes several actions across multiple touchpoints and channels. A […]


How do Data Analytics Services help your Business?

Companies use data analytics all around the world to help them make informed decisions and can help to predict what will happen in the future. We can make these analytics possible through the use of data collection, storage, and processing. It can also identify trends and patterns within extensive sets of information. Companies can use […]


AI in Banking – What it can do & its benefits.

Since its inception, the banking industry has been a staunch opponent of change. However, financial services are not immune to the world’s largest technological transformation, which has been attributed to AI. Apart from the pressure to adapt to the digital economy, banks have begun to uncover some quite beneficial AI applications.   AI has made significant […]


Analytics in the Retail Industry

Retail is one of the prime industries in today’s economy. In 2025, the global retail sector is expected to generate USD 31.7 trillion in revenue (with approximately USD 1.32 trillion in sales in the USA alone). The retail industry accounts for a significant part of global GDP and employs billions of people. Retail analytics is […]


How is Data Analytics used in Insurance Industry ?

The rise of Fintech, changing consumer behavior, and advanced technologies are all disrupting the financial services industry, including its most visible member, insurance. The insurance industry is poised for a digital transformation of how it conducts business, with analytics capabilities at the forefront. The use of data analytics in the insurance industry is growing all […]

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